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    Informe técnico: El juego continuado


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    Informe técnico: El juego continuado

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    Tech Brief: Persistent Play

    Posted January 1, 2014 by Gorram Reaver

    So far we’ve shown you how pretty Firefly Online will be. And rest assured, there’s more to come on that. But while shiny pictures are fun, we thought you should know we’re striving to make the mechanics of FFO as compelling as the look. Because playability is the most important feature any game can have.

    Over the next few months we’ll be writing up “Tech Briefs” describing what lies under the hood. Tech Briefs will take one element of FFO’s technical design and break it out, so you can see how it’ll impact gameplay. And for our first brief, we wanted to talk about a simple idea that almost no multiplatform game has leveraged to date: Persistent Play.

    When you have a game that runs on many devices like FFO – smart phone, tablet and desktop PC – players shouldn’t be required to have different accounts on each device. You want a player’s gaming experience to be seamless, regardless which device they happen to be using at the time.

    Here’s a text John O’Neill, CEO of Spark Plug, sent to Adam Cogan, FFO’s Design Director, explaining what we’re shooting for with Persistent Play. It does a nice job (along with the infographic above) of explaining what we mean:

    I’m standing here at <chain restaurant> thinking about what kind of an experience I would have if, while waiting for my order, I logged into my FFO account on the Cortex.

    I imagine I would check the status of my current job in progress, maybe see some news about local and regional events and maybe respond to some Cortex messages from other players. I might also order some supplies for my ship and have them delivered to the nearest spaceport or outpost based on my projected flight plan or closest drop off point for delivery (seeing a real time estimate of “50 units of food or fuel available at X port in 2 hours”)

    Then I’d be interrupted by my Real World order being called so I would quickly execute my orders and log off, happy in the knowledge I was able to get a bunch of stuff done in the 5 minutes I had to spare. When I get back to my desk later in the day, I can pick up playing the same account and character on my desktop computer when I have time for a more immersive experience (flying my ship, pick a bar fight, outfox the Alliance).

    Mobile play offers it’s own advantages over desktop play in a game like Firefly Online. Isn’t it nice we’re creating a game that can leverage the best of all worlds and let players play the way they want, when they want?

    Ok off to lunch

    That’s what persistent play means. A simple idea that’s tricky to make work right – and a core feature of Firefly Online!

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