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    Cómo trabajar sobre coleccionables ayuda a hacer videojuegos


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    Cómo trabajar sobre coleccionables ayuda a hacer videojuegos

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    How Making Collectibles Helps Make Video Games

    Posted January 6, 2014 by Gorram Reaver

    Creating screen-accurate replicas benefits video game development in some unexpected ways: After eight-plus years working with Firefly, for example, QMx has amassed a huge archive of Firefly reference. We know lots of experts on the show – from writers to prop makers to designers. And we already have an in-house team with years of experience making Firefly products.
    For example: QMx is currently creating a 1:3 scale replica of Vera, Jayne Cobb’s very favorite gun. The demands of making a real world object are still (at least for now) higher than they are for a video game. So, to help fabricate the screen-accurate replica, QMx has created this 3D model of Vera that has all the detail and more than you could ever hope to get from a game model. And we’ll be using that same 3D model to create Vera in FFO.
    Now, that’s not to say getting Vera will be easy. But if you do get her, isn’t nice to know that Vera in FFO will actually look like the Vera in the show?

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